Want to bring a positive change in Fashion? We all can! Become part of Fashion Revolution Day – 24th April 2014

On June 18th our Founder & Director, Ayesha Mustafa along with a group of fashion influencers met at Great Western Studios in London to brainstorm on ideas and initiatives that will create Fashion Revolution Day. The conception of Fashion Revolution Day was initiated by Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro to commemorate the tragedy at Rana Plaza and many others that happen around the world. The group discussed ways to bring together fashion leaders, brands, designers, retailers and consumers that would make this initative gain momentum and create positive change in the fashion industry.

Fashion Revolution Day will become an annual commemorative day, a day in which we pay tribute and honour the victims of the Rana Plaza and all the other tragedies that have occurred in the name of fashion. Taking its main inspiration from International Women’s Day, Fashion Revolution Day will aim to show the world that change in the fashion industry is possible and that we should celebrate those who want create a more sustainable fashion future and give them a platform to voice their concerns. The day also intends celebrate good practice in the industry as well as highlight the main problem areas which need to be tackled such as worker’s rights and health and safety conditions.

As Lucy Siegel wrote, “We envisage a day that will celebrate fashion as a positive influence. It will offer a voice to everyone in our fashion ecosystem who is bringing change. It will rally the high street, the high end, the new, the ancient, the innovators, the buyers, the shoppers, the media, the commentators, the activists and everyone in between.

The first Fashion Revolution Day theme will be ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’. Such a theme aims to encourage consumers to start to look at where their clothes come from and think about who makes them. By getting the public to ask about their clothes and become involved in campaigning for change, Fashion Revolution Day hopes to re-establish relationships between the consumers and those involved in the production process, from farmers through to factory workers, manufacturers, retailers, fashion brands and consumers.

Fashion should be a positive influence on our lives. Fashion Revolution Day will make it so but we all need to play our part to make it happen. We want to reach out to all of you to become part of this movement, send us pictures, videos on the theme “Who Made Your Clothes”. Interview designers, artisans, manufacturers and get their thoughts and reactions and send it to us. Generate awareness about Fashion Revolution Day in your countries and send us ideas on how this can become a global movement.

Fashion Revolution Day will be held annually on the 24th April, starting next year.

For more information, visit the Fashion Revolution Day website.

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