Three rules for shopping more sustainably

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Three is a magic number. Here’s 3 ways to think more sustainably when you shop:

 1. Do I really need this?

This is the number one rule for shopping more sustainably. Often we see something and our heart tells us we MUST have it, yet frequently we’ll get our new product home, revel in it for the first wear and then it gets washed and put away and not seen again for the next 6 months, or even a year… The worst offenders (and I won’t lie, I am one of them) are those that desperately need something for an occasion – bought in haste, in the middle of the age old panic of “nothing to wear” and then never worn again and eventually given to a clothing bank, or worse binned the next time you see it in your wardrobe.
Even if you’re not thinking about the sustainability and thinking more about your bank account you should question “do I really need this?

 2. Is this brand a sustainable brand?

Many of the high street stores we shop at are now pretty good at communicating their sustainability initiatives, or have very easy access to information on their websites. With the end of fast fashion all but a distant dream at the moment it’s hard to avoid when shopping unless you are practicing the ultimate conscious consumerism at all times. Therefore, to help us make a good step in the right direction, finding out what your favourite brands are up to and to choose which are better to buy from you should check out their ethics and sustainability initiatives. Take H&M for example – you can find their Conscious Collection in store and online and read all about their sustainability activity on their corporate site. Brands taking it seriously should also be able to answer your questions in store.

 3. Can I find something better somewhere else?

In the age of online shopping, were able to compare multiple retailers at the same time. Something as simple as entering “sustainable” in your Google search for “summer dress” should bring up some more sustainable options as well as the popular brands. Easy!


As well as the three above rules for more sustainable shopping you should check out some sustainable marketplace websites such as our very own Fashion ComPassion for sustainable and ethical accessories or sites like People Tree or Gather&See for stylish sustainable clothing.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on!



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