Sweden: The Powerhouse for Sustainable Style


Home to H&M, IKEA and Acne Studios, Sweden is arguably the home of the ever-coveted minimal lifestyle. Our founder, Ayesha Mustafa, recently visited the capital, Stockholm, and was amazed by the sustainable lifestyle. Deemed the most sustainable country in the world, here are some of the many ways the country has encouraged sustainability in the fashion industry…

Second-hand and vintage clothing

As part of the aim to increase citizen engagement, the demand for vintage and eco-friendly clothing in Sweden has risen significantly over recent years. Vintage boutiques and second-hand stores are slowly taking over from high street brands, making Sweden a fashion hub for unique style. To compete with these local retailers, mass marketed brands like H&M have begun to launch more sustainable supply chains, and developed more eco-materials to meet the needs of their local consumers.

The Sustainable Fashion Academy

To help retailers become more ethically and environmentally conscious, the SFA was designed to provide companies with expertise to help overcome the challenges of producing sustainable goods. From helping large retailers like OYSHO and H&M to smaller, more local businesses, the SFA has been able to launch numerous initiatives to make brands have more sustainable production methods. The academy is even offering online courses on the fundamentals of sustainability, to help spread this message worldwide.

Our top picks from our Swedish designer…

With the minimalist Swedish fashion trending worldwide, we at Fashion ComPassion have the stunning collection of Malin Henningsson available on the site. The locally made jewellery is produced on a small scale, making each piece unique and designed with long lasting, high quality materials. In line with the sustainably driven roots of its homeland, the gorgeous necklaces, earrings and bracelets produced by the brand are made with natural materials that are often recycled.

You can learn more about Malin Henningsson’s story and see more of the brand’s incredible collection on the Designer page.

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