Talk on Ethics, Morality & Sustainability at London College of Fashion with Ayesha Mustafa and Dilys Williams


This past week, on Thursday 24th February, Ayesha Mustafa our Founder gave a talk at London College of Fashion on Ethics, Morality & Sustainability. The event was organized by Professor Reina Lewis, at LCF with Ayesha and Dilys Williams, Director of LCF Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

The LCF auditorium was buzzing with a packed audience.

Professor Lewis kick-started the event with her views on how fashion impacted the world and the interrelationship between faith and fashion. She then called on both the speakers, who shared their views on the topic.

Here’s what some of the individuals from the audience said:

“I never knew it was such a huge thing and people were suffering behind those beautifully made fast-fashion clothing. It was definitely eye-opening and now, I will think twice before I buy my clothes.” – 22-year-old student

“I have always been interested in sustainability and wanted to start something like this when I grew up. This event has motivated me to follow my passion and continue to support the growing sustainable brands. I am only 16, and I believe us “the younger generation”, are the future and so we should all think seriously about the effect of fast-fashion and make a difference”- 16-year old student

Here are some of the pictures of from the evening.

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg CAMERA Jpeg

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