Guest Blogger Of The Month: Charleen Parks from Grazzhopprz

What is the name of your blog?


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am the Fashion Correspondent for Grazzhopprz – a green initiative developed by Mikaela Ekholm and Tove Antonissen. The blog shares all aspects of ethical/green/sustainable issues, particularly new and positive things to the wider community. A former Londoner, based in Barcelona I am an enthusiast of fashion and digital developments with a love of travel.

What are your views on socially conscious/ethical fashion?

There is a cool direction and guilt-free pleasure you get from buying socially conscious brands. You are given the opportunity to make a positive difference to a community and to the world by gaining a purchase all for yourself. These are products that are normally faced with challenges such as price models, materials, resources etc, yet it is this same barrier that pushes the creativity.

What is your favourite piece from the Fashion ComPassion website?

I have a borderline obsession with tribal prints, so the tribal silk waistcoat is by far my favourite piece. I love the pop of colour and the ikat print. It will compliment my cotton dresses and gold arm cuff, worn best oversized for my holidays in the south of Spain.

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