Guest Blog: Nicole McCallum of “Living With 10” Talks Minimal Wardrobes


Minimal wardrobe maximum lifestyle: 5 reasons you should own a minimal wardrobe


Ever looked into your wardrobe and felt overwhelmed and uninspired? That was me every day until I started to own a minimal wardrobe. And i’m not alone. 47% of women struggle to settle on an outfit in the morning. In a previous life, I would spend far too long dressing and undressing in the morning…causing me to be late for work, skip breakfast and (to everyone else’s detriment) miss out on a cup of coffee!

Something had to change. I decided to check myself into “minimalist bootcamp” and I took on a capsule wardrobe challenge. I culled my wardrobe to just 10 items of clothing and lived like that for 100 days.* I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but the challenge was truly life changing!

The “Living with 10” challenge ended a few months ago now, but I still own a very minimal wardrobe. And the benefits are incredible! I now have more time for coffee in the morning and I love everything I own.

Having a minimal wardrobe is not only good for your well being (no more wardrobe crises), but it is also good for our environment. We all know now how polluting the fast fashion industry is. But as consumers we have the power to change this. And you can make a change by owning less but loving everything you own.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why minimal wardrobes are the best…

1 – Declutter your wardrobe and declutter your life

There are many difficult decisions we have to make daily. And deciding what to wear should not be one of them! Decision fatigue is a thing – psychologists have found that the quality of our daily decision making deteriorates the more decisions we are faced with. So don’t waste your mental energy on deciding what to wear. Declutter your wardrobe and declutter your mind. You’ll feel better for it. Since owning a minimal wardrobe I truly do feel happier and less stressed.

2 – Wear your favourite clothes every day

I used to have a wardrobe that was brimming with outfits that I hardly wore. This made me feel guilty. Most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe and when shopping purchase similar items of clothing (I’ve definitely been guilty of owning 5 white t-shirts and 3 grey jumpers that were pretty much the same.) But now since owning a minimal wardrobe I get to wear my favourite items of clothing every day. Worried about repeat outfits? I say own them! If it’s an outfit you love and makes you feel great, then totally wear it again and and again. There’s nothing more sexy than a woman who dresses confidently!

3 – Develop a personal sense of style

Owning limited garments means I have developed a unique sense of style that reflects me. If you think owning less means less creative outfits… you’re wrong! Since owning less I have been more daring in my outfit choices. I now pair certain things together that I previously would not have. I like to call it my “sustainable sass”. In fact, since owning a minimal wardrobe I think I have actually had more compliments on my style!

4 – Save money

Being a fast fashion addict is not sustainable for the planet, nor is is sustainable for your wallet! Having a minimal wardrobe means less shopping. Now when I’m out shopping I ask myself 3 questions before making a purchase:

  1. Do I really need this?
  2. Can I pair it with most items in my wardrobe?
  3. Is it well made and will it last?

So minimal wardrobe equals less shopping which equals more money in the bank! Although I do feel like my coffee and brunch addiction has increased!

5 – Do something good for the planet

The harsh realities of fast fashion are now bubbling to the surface (figuratively and literally). We only need to watch revealing documentaries like The True Cost to witness horrors of the fashion industry. The creation of clothing at this exponential rate leads to toxic waterways, exploitation of resources and breaches human rights. We are churning through fashion at such an accelerated rate that 90% of second hand clothing ends up in landfill. Owning a minimal wardrobe slows this all down. If consumers owned less and shopped less, we would no longer be fueling the toxicity of fast fashion.

Keep up with Nicole and her minimal wardrobe:


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