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Ayesha Mustafa, Founder Of Fashion ComPassion wrote on Guardian Sustainable Business on The Power Of Fashion To Bring Positive Change. Here is a snippet of the article:

“The textile and clothing industry is the second largest employer after agriculture in the developing world, and a large percentage of this workforce are women. Research shows that empowering and investing in women has a cumulative bonus: women are likely to spend their income on their children and families, on education, health and nutrition, bringing long term positive change and prosperity to communities.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Here is another feature on the Guardian, an interview with Ayesha on The Guardian Social Enterprise Network.

“Tell us about your business

I started Fashion ComPassion in 2011 as a sustainable online fashion retailer. We provide a platform for socially responsible brands empowering women artisans from war-torn and developing countries. We currently work with 15 brands, from 20+ women co-operatives in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We help them with such things as design guidance, product diversification and expansion into new markets.

We’ve also partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme and every time an item is bought on our site, we help feed a schoolgirl in the developing world.”

Read the whole interview here.

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