DKNY Ramadan Collection

DKNY have just launched their new #DKNYRamadan Collection, breaking the boundaries of Muslim women’s fashion.
The collection features looks styled by two women from the Middle East: Tamara Al Gabbani, a fashion designer from Dubai and Yalda Golsharifi, fashion editor of Styles Magazine. Both influential Muslim women in the fashion industry who are the perfect pick to create a capsule collection with DKNY.
Working together to create the perfect lengths and fabrics whilst making sure to look elegant and modern, the collection is also halal.

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The temperature is rising this summer, and we’re feeling haute. The sizzle heightens with pieces inspired by cosmopolitan glam and pulled together with a fresh, festive spirit’ – DKNY Ramadan Collection.

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Unfortunately the collection is only sold in stores in the Middle East, so everyone in other parts of the world like all of us here at Fashion ComPassion, will only be able to admire from a far.

Some insight into what Ramadan is about:
Ramadan lasts for one month a year, where Muslims only eat meals twice a day. One before sunrise called Suhoor and one after sunset called Iftar.
Once the month of Ramadan is over Eid-Al-Fitr (break the fast) celebrations take place.

Tamara Al Gabbani and Yalda Golsharifi give insights on what they love about this special month:
What is your favorite part of Ramadan?

‘Yalda: I love the food, the gatherings and staying up late!’
‘Tamara: Volunteering to aid the needy’

What is your favorite piece of the collection & why?

‘Yalda: The orange, long-sleeved maxi dress! I love that I can wear it to so many different occasions and still be appropriately dressed! Daytime, shopping, a night out, dinners or a casual coffee.’
‘Tamara: Most definitely the skirts! I love how modern they are and how comfortable you feel in them!’

For the whole interview head over to the DKNY website

All images and information has been sourced from the DKNY website

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