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Each year, the world Fair Trade Day is celebrated the second Saturday of May. What is actually celebrated on that day? It’s not just an alternative economy or a new kind of commerce because there is even more. This day intents to shed light on people, the actors behind the scene, the producers of the fair trade goods we like and enjoy. The invisible ordinary heroes who despite their challenging lives, give their very best to us. Here is the story of one of these heroes that’s worth telling.

Amal Abu Hatab:  Founder& Director of Al Amal Society for Social Development

Meet Amal Abu Hatab a Palestinian refugee in her mid 40s living in Amman, in Al Biqaa refugee camp. When one the Palestyle team members met Amal they were taken by her transparency and dedication to support the women in the refugee camp while she herself led a challenging life.  After the death of her husband, she had to raise alone, with limited income her son, Ismail, now a 23 year old engineer she is proud of. Raising her son into an independent and educated individual is by itself an accomplishment in her circumstances. This is one of her many success stories.

Amal is truly an inspiration; she took a diploma in Fashion Design, is a dedicated social worker and reaches out to other women in the refugee camp to support and empower them through different kind of projects like vocational training.  She is the founder and director of her own organization Al Amal Society for Social Development, established in 2006. Al Amal Society works with Palestyle, the brand which brings you fabulous socially conscious accessories.

Today, 42 ladies work on Palestyle’s different embroidery projects. Such type of work does not only  add value ?nancially to those women or us,  as an organization, but importantly allows us to train the women to work as a team in production of designs, this team spirit raises their positivity, & allows the women to escape from the demanding cycle of their household to a bigger world.” Amal Abu Hatab.

This Saturday, May 12th, show your support to Fair Trade, share the story of the heroes behind the scene like Amal Abu Hatab and encourage brands like Palestyle, because business as usual is no longer an option!

We would like to showcase similar stories of inspirational women, please email us on info@fashioncompassion.co.uk with your story and get it published on our blog!

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