Brand Interview: Magda Daniloaia, Founder of The Changing Factor

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    1. What is The Changing Factor?

The Changing Factor is a luxury leather goods brand with a bold, architectural aesthetic and a passion for empowering women. We try to do this through our cutting edge design, through our women’s society – #theuntamedclub – and by giving 10% of all profit made on our site to W4 – an innovative charity dedicated to protecting girls’ and women’s human rights and promoting girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world.

     2. Why did you decide to launch a socially/environmentally responsible label?

I have also been passionate about gender equality so having this aspect into my brand came very naturally to me. I believe all companies should be socially and environmentally responsible.

    3. What was the inspiration behind the collection?

The inspiration for the collection was partly the work of the late Zaha Hadid who is one of the women I admire the most and also strong, bold, women in general – I wanted to capture their spirit through bold, cutting-edge design.

    4. Tell us about the positive impact The Changing Factor has had on people and the environment.

We have a strong impact empowering women, not only by giving part of our profit but also through our women’s society and our social presence and blog where we often post inspiring material. We also have a policy of not having more than a few handbags in stock for each style, so we have barely any waste. Furthermore, we work only with very small factories / ateliers in Europe and ensure they pay fair wages to their workers and they have nice work environments.

    5. Why is a platform like Fashion ComPassion important for the growth of sustainable fashion businesses?

I think there is a demand for sustainable brands but it is often so hard to find them! Having a platform where people can shop without worrying that they might choose a brand who does not align with their values is fantastic!



Having previously studied Architecture in Romania, Accessories Design at London College of Fashion and having worked over fours years in the industry (for brands like Bill Amberg and Roksanda Ilincic), Magda founded The Changing Factor in 2015, out of a strong desire to bring something new to the fashion industry, a brand that is truly ‘a changing factor’ in the world and in itself.

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