Our aim is to create positive change through fashion by bringing ethical, cruelty-free independent brands to a global audience. We do this in three ways: as a sustainable fashion market-place, an events organiser and as brand consultants.

  • Our website is the destination for discovering sustainable brands that are both eco-friendly and socially conscious. The products we showcase challenge the status quo by embracing the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. This means anything you buy from us is sure to hold people, their communities and the environment at the core of its values and philosophy. We’ve defined each product with our sustainability stamps which allow you to understand the transparency of our supply chain.
  • We organise exclusive events that provide discerning conscious consumers an opportunity to see our products and to get a real sense of their quality craftsmanship. We’ve held successful events in London, Dubai, New York and Karachi to name just a few. These “Pop-up” events provide a physical retail space for our brands giving them a chance to get to know their customers in person.
  • Fashion ComPassion works closely with selected brands to develop their strategy to launch on an international scale. We consult on product development, research, marketing and public relations. We help expand their global footprint providing more choice for consumers. We facilitate strategic growth by opening new markets and creating revenue building opportunities that in turn, benefit artisans and their communities.

The three pillars of our business are: online market-place, exclusive events and brand consultancy all work together to bring sustainable fashion brands beyond a niche market to a global audience.