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Victoria Beckham and the for Mothers2Mothers

Fashion designer and style icon Victoria Beckham have selected more than 600 pieces from her personal wardrobe to sell exclusively at the The money generated from this sale will go directly to the charity Mothers 2 Mothers.

The sale will take place from the 20th to 25th of August, that is of course if the pieces will last that long. I addition there will also be 10 dresses that is especially selected and have been worn by Victoria on special occasions. The most noteworthy is maybe the white, crystal-studded Dolce & Gabbana dress that she wore to the MTV Awards in 2003. The prestigious auction house Christie's have taken part in valuing the dresses that will go on the auction.



This is not the first time the designer has donated her wardrobe to charity, in November 2013 the Beckham’s donated a portion of designer goods to the Red Cross Charity Shop in West London to help raise money for the victims of typhoon Haiyan.

Victoria’s initiative is also a contributing to raise peoples awareness for second hand fashion, which is a important part of making the fashion industry more sustainable. We approve!



Victoria first learned about the charity when she travelled to South Africa to work on a project with Anna Wintour, when she was there she met Dr. Mitch Besser, the founder of Mother 2 Mothers, Victoria got so inspired by him that she decided she would help raising money to the charity. She says that "As a woman, we have a responsibilty to help and support other women, to do what we can do to help"


Mothers 2 Mothers trains, employs and empowers Mentor Mothers - who are mothers living with HIV - in order to educate them on how to prevent the transmission of HIV from mothers to babies and improve the health of women and their families.

The funds that are raised will help m2m's Mentor Mothers reach even more HIV-positive mothers with critical health education and support, to stay healthy and protect their babies from HIV infection.

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