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  • Celebrating emerging designers at The World Fashion Exhibition in Paris!

    As Paris Fashion Week comes to an end, another wonderful event will take place to celebrate emerging designers in an exhibition called Fashion For Life. This will start From September 30th until October 4th during World Fashion Week (WFW) and will feature world couture masterpieces created by each participating nation’s nominated designer.

    WFW copy copy WFW copy_2

    The objective of WFW is to highlight designers from emerging countries to create a sustainable, multicultural and green global fashion community.

    Paco De Jaimes, Chairman/CEO of the World Fashion Week talks about this event: "World Fashion Week Honors the outstanding contribution and lifetime achievements of fashion icons across five continents, dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion, furthering the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, technical, social and environmental achievements within the global fashion industry towards our world"


    At the exhibition there will also be a silent auction where the money raised will be  donated to the international NGO World Cooperative for the Emancipation of Women and Girls in Africa and the eradication of female genital mutilation (FGM).

    All information and pictures have been sourced from

  • Fashion ComPassion: 3 Days in Paris!

    Last week, Ayesha Mustafa, the Founder & Director of Fashion ComPassion, went on a 3 day trip to Paris to research sustainable fashion brands and meet with key individuals who are playing a role in bringing socially responsible fashion into the mainstream of French fashion market.

    April 16th

    Ayesha and Kibamba Nimon (Communications & Business Development Intern in Paris) met at Printemps roof terrace to plan out the afternoon.

    The breath taking view from Deli-Cieux! The breath taking view from Deli-Cieux!

    Ayesha and Kibamaba decided to first take a look at EKYOG at Galleria Lafayatte. EKYOG, the Positive Fashion label founded by Nathalie Lebas-Vautier in 2003, works with Soieries du Mékong, a social enterprise which employs women artisans in Cambodia to produce high quality silk scarves. These hand woven scarves are also sold on the Fashion ComPassion website.

    A look at EKOG's summer collection! A look at EKOG's summer collection!

    Next, Ayesha and Kibamaba headed to Pigalle to visit MyPhilosophy, a shop which sells exquisite collections of womenswear produced by artisans in Cambodia.

    Kroeusna - the founder of MyPhilosophy. Kroeusna - the founder of MyPhilosophy.

    Kroeusna, the founder of MyPhilsophy, designs and sources fabric from Cambodia and has launched a workshop for unemployed individuals, offering training and employment opportunities through the brand.

    MyPhilosophy Collection MyPhilosophy Collection

    April 17th

    Ayesha and Kibamba met with Isabelle Quehe, the founder of the Universal Love Association, who has been actively promoting ethical fashion in Paris for the last 18 years. Launched back in 1995, Universal Love originally supported young artisans as there were not enough venues in Paris to showcase their work to the public. Today, it is, without doubt, one of the biggest names in the ethical fashion industry.

    The Universal Love Association spread the word further with its Ethical Fashion Show. Isabella explained the challenges that sustainable fashion was facing in France, with a number of brands failing to make an impact and shutting down. As Paris is more a city where big brands sell, it is not an easy market for sustainable fashion to flourish in.

    Brand information pack from the 2012 Ethical Fashion Show. Brand information pack from the 2012 Ethical Fashion Show.

    Isabella took Ayesha and Kibamba through the 2012 brand information pack from Ethical Fashion Show Paris and identified few brands which Fashion ComPassion could work with in the future.

    April 18th

    Ayesha and Kibamba met with the founder of Un Eté En Automne, a sustainable fashion label that uses vegetable tan leather in the production of their accessories. Their products are handcrafted by artisans in Morocco, Peru & India.

    Un Eté En Automne's window display. Un Eté En Automne's window display.
    un-été-en-automne-collection Un Eté En Automne collection.

    It was a pleasure to visit Ambryn's store, a creative organic label made in France. Ayesha and Kibamba met with Gabrielle, one of the founders of the brand who showed them around the store and explained the ethos and philosophy behind the brand.

    Ambryn's clothing, accessories and scarves are beautifully made using the best organic fabrics with the trendiest cuts and styles.

    Ambrym's 2013 Look Book - some of its collection will be on the Fashion ComPassion website soon! Ambrym's 2013 Look Book - some of its collection will be on the Fashion ComPassion website soon!

    The last stop on the trip was at DeGris, a luxury leather goods company which creates the most exceptional accessories from leather and horn. DeGris is not just a luxury label. It also works with artisans in Haiti and provides them with training and a regular income. DeGris new collection will be available in stores in the next couple of months!

    DeGris Press Book. DeGris Press Book.
    DeGris Clutch - made of calf leather and handcrafted genuine horn in Haiti. DeGris Clutch - made of calf leather and handcrafted genuine horn in Haiti.
    photo of DeGris' social commitment and its work with La Main, a non-profit organisation which manages the economic and social development of the Haitian artisans. photo of DeGris' social commitment and its work with La Main, a non-profit organisation which manages the economic and social development of the Haitian artisans.

    After the meeting with DeGris, Ayesha and Kibama had a working lunch meeting in order to recap on the various brands they had seen and finalised new brands which would be joining Fashion ComPassion. After a busy couple of days, it was time to say "Au revoir!" to Paris and head back to London. Until the next time!

  • Guest Blogger of the Month: Sadie's Wardrobe

    Sadie from Sadie's WardrobeWhat is the name of your blog?

    Sadie's Wardrobe

    Tells us about your blog and why you started it.

    I started my blog way back in April 2009, when I was just starting to get interested in fashion. I had been reading a lot of other blogs at the time and really wanted to make one of my own! It’s a good ‘creative’ outlet, where I often feature little DIYs and sewing projects. I recently ‘rebranded’ it as an ethical blog, although it has always featured lot of vintage & thrifted items.

    Why is sustainable fashion so important?

    Fast fashion is very much the norm, and I really didn’t think twice about it before I read Lucy Siegle’s book ‘To Die For’. For me, the importance of sustainable fashion is definitely something that needed pointing out. Since reading the book, I just don’t think I can go back to buying cheap disposable clothes. The way I see it is that in a world of finite resources and growing population, we really can’t afford to keep producing clothing at the rate we do. At the same time, fashion is such an important cultural symbol. So I think the best solution at the moment is to make it as sustainable as possible.

    How would you describe your style / fashion sense?

    I’m not really sure how I’d describe my fashion sense! I tend to wear a lot of bright colours and 70s blouses, and I’d say I’m very influenced by 60s mod style. But since moving to Paris, a lot more grey and 'texture' has been creeping into my wardrobe.

    Who do you admire in the world of sustainable fashion?

    Anyone who has decided that they want to do something about sustainability issues and managed to achieve it, no matter how big or small!

    What are your favourite ethical brands and why?

    The first ethical brand I really became aware of was People Tree, and they are still one of my favourites. I love that they are able to produce clothes that are ethical but still fashionable (and affordable!). I’m discovering new brands every day, which is really really encouraging. Sites like Fashion Compassion are really useful for discovering new brands!

    What are your top tips for buying ethical and sustainable products?

    My top tip for buying ethical and sustainable products is to look for companies whose philosophy is based around being ethical, and that way you know it is genuinely important to them. It’s also good to buy second hand, as this has very little environmental impact, but I try to remember to support the ethical companies too, or they can’t continue to exist!

    What are your 3 top picks of the Fashion Compassion website?

    Sadie's 3 top picks from Fashion ComPassion's website! Sadie's 3 top picks from Fashion ComPassion's website - Pineapple dress (£80), Saturday shirt (£65) & Pocket skirt (£80).

    I really love the 50s-style Pineapple summer dress by Bhalo. Wouldn’t mind one for a holiday wardrobe! The pastel coloured panels on the Bhalo Pocket skirt give it a really cool twist. I love the fact that it has hand-made coconut buttons! For lovers of mod fashion such as myself, this Bhalo Saturday shirt is perfect. Again, I’m a big fan of the contrasting pastel-coloured sections!

    Sadie Wardrobe is also on twitter: @sadieswardrobe

  • Ethical Designer To Watch: Aimee Kent

    Aimee Kent Logo

    Aimee Kent is a Glasgow based fashion designer, specialising in ethical printed textiles and fashion. Inspired by her love of African fabrics, travel and foreign architecture, Aimee creates bold eye-catching prints with a tribal style twist, using a combination of traditional hand-painting and screen printing methods and digital textile design.

    Selection of Aimee Kent's Prints A selection of some of Aimee Kent's prints. (Imagery courtesy of Aimee Kent)

    Since graduating in Textile Design from the Glasgow School of Art in 2010, Aimee has gone on to collaborate with some of the industry’s top fashion designers and brands, including; Marc Ross, EMI Music, Niki Taylor (of labels The Top Project and Olanic), Bonnie Bling, Johari and, more recently, Fantoosherie. Her collaborative designs with the award winning Henrietta Ludgate have earned her worldwide acclaim and have been featured at the London, Paris, Milan, Athens Fashion Weeks, as well as the Scottish Fashion Awards. Aimee’s designs have also appeared in several fashion magazines, online websites and blogs including and Marie Claire.

    Aimee Kent Previous Collaborative Piece With Scottish Textile Jewellery Label Fantoosherie Collaborative Piece With Fantoosherie. (Imagery courtesy of Aimee Kent)

    Aimee recently launched her own ethical printed textiles and fashion design studio in Glasgow, aiming to produce innovative products and prints using ethically sourced materials and processes. Being committed to green and ethical production lies at the very core of her business, recognising the demand for an environmentally friendly, sustainable production technique. As well as adhering to several ethical production principles, such as strict recycling of waste packaging and printing onto only organic or recycled fabrics, Aimee also offers workshops and training for local designers. This ensues the continuation of traditional craft skills as well as promoting sustainable production methods.

    Collaboration Piece with Marc Ross Collaboration Piece with Marc Ross. (Imagery courtesy of Aimee Kent)

    Her new boutique offers a range of trend-setting, sustainable fashion and lifestyle products, as well as one-off limited edition up-cycled fashion garments and decorative interiors items.

    For more information, check out her website.

    Twitter: @AimeeEKent

    Facebook: AimeeEKent 

    Images credit: Aimee Kent

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