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  • Calling All Creatives! Fashion ComPassion E-commerce & Marketing Internship!

    Are you creative? Are you passionate about shopping? Do you love discovering new fashion finds on the internet? Then this is the position for you!

    Calling all creatives! Fashion ComPassion E-commerce / Marketing Internship!

    Fashion ComPassion are looking for an enthusiastic and hardworking e-commerce and marketing intern to work 2 - 3 days a week with our e-commerce team. Their main responsibility will be assisting the e-commerce team in the creation of our new company website.

    Other important responsibilities will include: -

    • Organising product photo shoots, assisting with production and styling.
    • Editing merchandise photos and uploading them to the new site.
    • Writing copy text for each of our products for the purpose of advertising and marketing.
    • Assisting in handling Fashion ComPassion's e-commerce managing system.

    Background knowledge and experience with Photoshop and graphic design is essential for this role. An interest in writing, online shopping and fashion are definite pluses.

    Start Date: 7th August

    If you're interested in this position, send a short cover letter, as well as your resume to!

  • Guest Blogger of the Month: Sadie's Wardrobe

    Sadie from Sadie's WardrobeWhat is the name of your blog?

    Sadie's Wardrobe

    Tells us about your blog and why you started it.

    I started my blog way back in April 2009, when I was just starting to get interested in fashion. I had been reading a lot of other blogs at the time and really wanted to make one of my own! It’s a good ‘creative’ outlet, where I often feature little DIYs and sewing projects. I recently ‘rebranded’ it as an ethical blog, although it has always featured lot of vintage & thrifted items.

    Why is sustainable fashion so important?

    Fast fashion is very much the norm, and I really didn’t think twice about it before I read Lucy Siegle’s book ‘To Die For’. For me, the importance of sustainable fashion is definitely something that needed pointing out. Since reading the book, I just don’t think I can go back to buying cheap disposable clothes. The way I see it is that in a world of finite resources and growing population, we really can’t afford to keep producing clothing at the rate we do. At the same time, fashion is such an important cultural symbol. So I think the best solution at the moment is to make it as sustainable as possible.

    How would you describe your style / fashion sense?

    I’m not really sure how I’d describe my fashion sense! I tend to wear a lot of bright colours and 70s blouses, and I’d say I’m very influenced by 60s mod style. But since moving to Paris, a lot more grey and 'texture' has been creeping into my wardrobe.

    Who do you admire in the world of sustainable fashion?

    Anyone who has decided that they want to do something about sustainability issues and managed to achieve it, no matter how big or small!

    What are your favourite ethical brands and why?

    The first ethical brand I really became aware of was People Tree, and they are still one of my favourites. I love that they are able to produce clothes that are ethical but still fashionable (and affordable!). I’m discovering new brands every day, which is really really encouraging. Sites like Fashion Compassion are really useful for discovering new brands!

    What are your top tips for buying ethical and sustainable products?

    My top tip for buying ethical and sustainable products is to look for companies whose philosophy is based around being ethical, and that way you know it is genuinely important to them. It’s also good to buy second hand, as this has very little environmental impact, but I try to remember to support the ethical companies too, or they can’t continue to exist!

    What are your 3 top picks of the Fashion Compassion website?

    Sadie's 3 top picks from Fashion ComPassion's website! Sadie's 3 top picks from Fashion ComPassion's website - Pineapple dress (£80), Saturday shirt (£65) & Pocket skirt (£80).

    I really love the 50s-style Pineapple summer dress by Bhalo. Wouldn’t mind one for a holiday wardrobe! The pastel coloured panels on the Bhalo Pocket skirt give it a really cool twist. I love the fact that it has hand-made coconut buttons! For lovers of mod fashion such as myself, this Bhalo Saturday shirt is perfect. Again, I’m a big fan of the contrasting pastel-coloured sections!

    Sadie Wardrobe is also on twitter: @sadieswardrobe

  • Fashion ComPassion is now on Polyvore!

    We're delighted to announced that Fashion ComPassion is now on Polyvore!

    "Fashion-able" by groovyhippychick Fashion ComPassion is now on Polyvore! ("Fashion-able" by groovyhippychick, featuring our Palestyle brown calligraphy scarf).

    Polyvore is a community driven where people can express their sense of style and their love of fashion. Members can mix & match products they love in unique, creative ways and share their fashion discoveries with other like minded people. Not only does Polyvore encourage inspiring fashionistas to express themselves but they also offer brands and retailers deep insight into what their customers like.

    Since setting up our profile, a number of Fashion ComPassion items have been used by Polyvore members to create new and exciting fashion sets. Here are just a few that caught our eye!

    "Peaceful Warriors + Trippy Hippies with DANNIJO" by jennifer "Peaceful Warriors + Trippy Hippies with DANNIJO" by jennifer, featuring our Beshtar Tribal Silk Dress.
    "Spring" by cwoolaway "Spring" by cwoolaway, featuring our peach earrings with zircons made by artisans in Rajasthan.
    "Sickeningly Sweet" by caraharper, featuring our Palestyle Fuchisa Glam Clutch "Sickeningly Sweet" by caraharper, featuring our Palestyle Fuchisa Glam Clutch
    "Sin título #10" by rosa-lidia-sanchez-llanos "Sin título #10" by rosa-lidia-sanchez-llanos, featuring our Nawa peacock green Jean Clutch.
    "Comfy cute(: " by allyhayes60 "Comfy cute(: " by allyhayes60, featuring our gold plated earrings made by craftsmen in Rajasthan India.
    "little moisque on the prarie" by takwa-m "little moisque on the prarie" by takwa-m, featuring our Palestyle purple calligraphy scarf.
    "Pops of Color" by houseoflemoore "Pops of Color" by houseoflemoore, featuring our Nawa Yellow Jean Clutch.
    "Summer Night With You Date On The Beach" by chanabbey "Summer Night With You Date On The Beach" by chanabbey, featuring our Beshtar blue silk summer halterneck top.
    "Purple Pants" by kimberly-lp "Purple Pants" by kimberly-lp, featuring our Sougha moon clutch.

    If you fancy having a go at making your own sets with Fashion ComPassion products, why not check our profile on Polyvore?

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