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NEW On Fashion ComPassion: Sougha’s Exquisite Limited Edition Clutches!

Ethical Fashion is not only about eco friendly raw materials, decent and safe work conditions, fair wages but also about preserving local know-how and craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation. Many of the traditional skills are in fact endangered heritages as artisans from the four corners of the globe face many difficulties such as, decrease in income, lack of interest of current and future generations, and limited access to market opportunities.

In UAE, Sougha was born to preserve and promote the traditions of Emirati artisans in a thoroughly modern way. Established by Khalifa Fund three years back, Sougha is a social enterprise which aims at creating opportunities for talented emiratis in deprived locations from Sila all the way to Dibba.

Fashion Compassion is Sougha’s first international retail partner to market and sell an exquisite range of handcrafted clutches. This partnership will not only provide new economic opportunities to benefit the artisans but also bring awareness of the Emirati culture and traditions to countries like the UK and Pakistan.

Sougha-MoonClutch-FashionCompassionSougha-BadelaClutch-FashionCompassionSougha’s artisans from the western region of Abu-Dhabi have produced for Fashion Compassion a limited edition of trendy clutches made of biodegradable local leathers, with Talli, Badla and Sheera and Sadou weave; Talli and Badla were part of the Emirati traditional women's clothing and are hand-braided in cotton and silver threads, whereas Sheera is a Bedouin pattern Sadou weave which Bedouins used to decorate the inside of their tents with to tell the story of their tribes.

Sougha’s products are sold through exhibitions, festivals, retail stores & Etihad Airlines in the U.A.E . Fashion ComPassion sells  the products on line in the UK and in selected retail stores in Pakistan.

Want to know how each clutch is created? Click on the link below to watch a short video and write in The National that shows you the process!

Keeping tradition alive - The National

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