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Sass Brown, Guest Blogger

FC talks to Sass Brown from EcoFashionTalk, about up cycled and ethical fashion.

My blog is:

The outgrowth of my master’s thesis. My degree was on Global Financial Management, and my final thesis in particular, towards eco fashion. My final thesis covered ‘big picture’ eco fashion. I then published my blog and followed a couple of years later by my first book ‘Eco Fashion’.

Sass's acclaimed book- Eco Fashion Sass's acclaimed book- Eco Fashion
Sass Brown signing her book Eco Fashion Sass Brown signing her book Eco Fashion


Sustainable fashion is important to me because:

It is the future of the fashion industry. I have always worked in fashion, it is a vital component of who I am, and how I express myself. Fashion is a massive worldwide employer, a polluter and a water user, so to change the fashion industry is to change the world.

My personal style is:

Very eclectic and individual. I love to purchase small, emerging designers and artisanal work when I travel. I have a great appreciation of avant-garde European design, and tend to stick to a very dark, muted colour palette, with all sorts of variations in between, and the odd dash of acid yellow or green.

Some of my favourite sustainable brands are:

The Mayer peace collection, based in Berlin - because I just love their style and have a great fondness for their flower sack jackets, and Austrian brand km/a - I have a fabulous jacket from them made with jersey scraps and a recycled prison blanket coat, and it is the warmest thing I own!

My advice for buying ethical and sustainable products:

Make clothing an investment instead of entertainment. Invest in pieces you really love, that you will wear for a long time and repair when they get worn and damaged. Support local designers, buy handmade and vintage, and swap clothes.

In the future I would like to:

Open up a pop up shop with luxury retailers. The store would appear in London, Paris, Milan and New York retailers and would showcase the best of the best in eco fashion by curating and merchandising exquisite, cutting-edge designs that make a difference.

I am also planning to research and write my next book on the topic of artisanship around the globe and eventually I would love to partner-up with a filmmaker to make a documentary on the artisans from the book.

Platforms like Fashion ComPassion are important because:

Fashion has the potential to be a great agent of change in our world. Everyone can relate to clothing, because we all wear it. Fashion ComPassion is an important and unique platform that brings such brands to new markets and creates awareness of the importance of sustainability in fashion.  We can use fashion as a vehicle for changing people’s lives, bringing sustainable employment, and ensuring fair labor standards whilst providing an example of alternative business methods.

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