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Reformation - a sustainable brand loved by celebs

Reformation is a sustainable brand based in California that is quickly gaining momentum as a favourite among the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood, such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Taylor Swift. It is also often seen on some of the most popular fashion bloggers of today like Jamie Chung and Danielle Bernstein.


We at Fashion ComPassion love the brand, as the design is both incredibly cool and wearable. Not to forget the brand’s sustainable approach, the brand does all the operations from design to manufacturing in a warehouse in L.A. Ensuring not only quality, but sustainability and ethics are upheld at all times.


Their secret weapon to sustainability and the cuteness, as they state, lies in the materials they use. As the textile industry is one of the most chemically dependent industries on earth and it is the 2nd biggest polluter of clean water, brands like Reformation is essential for the future of the fashion industry. They are a great example of that great style needn’t be compromised for sustainability, so in the words of Reformation “Change the world, not your style”.

Reformation makes the clothes from three different types of materials: Either new sustainable materials, repurposed vintage clothing or rescued deadstock fabric from fashion houses that over-ordered, and would other vice end up at landfill.

All information and pictures have been sourced from and Who What Wear

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