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Guest Blogger Of The Month: Esther Freeman from Ms Wanda's Wardrobe

What's the name of your blog?

Ms Wanda's Wardrobe

Tell us a bit about yourself

Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe is an Uber Blog that brings together some of the best writers on the blogosphere to bring you news, features and campaigns on ethical fashion. And through the Fashion Mob ethical fashionistas attempt to make British High Streets more ethical through people power.

What are your views on ethical fashion?

Although there have been great changes in the fashion industry over the past decade, it’s move to a more ethical model is still too slow. It is lagging far behind the food industry in terms of offering consumers ethical choices across the High Street. The ethos behind Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe is that if people power can end the war in Vietnam, we should be able to get a few organic t-shirts in Top Shop!

What is your favourite piece on the Fashion ComPassion website?

I love the burqua dresses. For a start I never knew burquas came in such incredible colours.  It also is a dress with a story and interesting sub text. And of course they’re also just very pretty!

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