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Guest Blogger of the Month: Amna Salman from Style Stripped

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What is the name of your blog?

Tells us about your blog and why you started it.

Style Stripped is the first ever fashion blog to come out of Pakistan. It's a premiere fashion portal, bridging the gap between the customer and the designer. My aim was always to empower the general public, proving them with enough knowledge to make informed choices when making purchases.

Why is sustainable fashion so important?

Lower costs in certain parts of the world attract intensive outsourcing. This means that costs have gone down and purchasing power has increased. This has led to much of the high street fashion to be considered as disposable. Sustainable fashion is important to realize the cost of these cheap options other than the price tag.

How would you describe your style / fashion sense?

I was a tom boy during much of my earlier life, when I did switch I developed a very mature dressing sense. My priority is to look classy and elegant. I do every kind of trend but proportion is essential, it's important for a look to be balanced.

Who do you admire in the world of sustainable fashion?

Edun. They use drawings by the schoolchildren in Kenya of their everyday lives, printed onto organic cotton T shirts with 100 percent of the proceeds going to supplying eveything from reading materials to hot meals to the children. Secondly, I think Fashion Compassion has done a lot for this side of the world taking in Middle East and its surroundings, creating awareness and bridging gaps.

What are your top tips for buying ethical and sustainable products?

Research is essential. Know what goes into the products you're buying, the process, materials and social responsibility etc.

What are your plans for the future?

I blog because I love to. I would stop the moment it doesn't make my heart beat faster, it's the love of fashion and the mission to empower the consumer more then the brand.

What are your 3 top picks of the Fashion Compassion website?

Style Stripped Top Picks Style Stripped's Top 3 Fashion ComPassion picks (Right to Left): Embroidered Velvet Pouch by Palestyle, White Calligraphy Scarf by Palestyle & White Sapphire Earrings by artisans in Rajasthan.
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