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Guest Blogger of the Month: Moral Fibres

Wendy from Moral Fibres is our Guest Blogger of the Month!

What is the name of your blog?

Moral Fibres

Tells us about your blog and why you started it.

I blog at Moral Fibres, a site all about sustainable living that's hip, not hippie. I talk about all aspects of green living, from ethical fashion, to seasonal recipes, to saving energy, travelling, and everything in between.

I've been lucky enough to work in environmental education since I graduated nearly 10 years ago. As I work with people on a daily basis encouraging them to adopt greener behaviours I have heard all the stereotypes and misconceptions about green living. Tree huggers, yoghurt knitters, you name it, I've heard it. A little while ago I was looking for some green blogs to read and it felt that all I could seem to find at the time were sites that reinforced those stereotypes, so I decided to start my own site challenging these misconceptions. And so Moral Fibres was born!

Why is sustainable fashion so important?

You just have to look at the terrible tragedy that happened in Bangladesh at the start of the year to realise that our society's love of fast fashion comes at an awful price. And it's not just that one factory - all over Bangladesh and other countries you will find people, many of them children, working in sweatshops in terrible conditions for not even a living wage all so we can buy £3 tops and skirts that we throw out after one wear. I would rather save up and buy classic, rather than fashionable items of clothing, from manufacturers who look after their employees well, house them in decent buildings, treat them fairly, and pay them a living wage, and I think more and more people are realising this too.

How would you describe your style / fashion sense?

I don't really follow trends or fashions. After trial and error in my teens and twenties, I know what I like and what does and doesn't suit me. My style is quite girly - I pretty much live in dresses. I own the grand total of one pair of jeans!

Who do you admire in the world of sustainable fashion?

I really admire sustainable fashion bloggers. There are some really great ones out there helping to spread the message that sustainable fashion can be stylish and look good, and can be done on a budget too. Sadie from Sadie's Wardrobe and Amelia from One Green Dress are two good examples that spring to mind.

What are your favourite ethical brands and why?

I'm a big fan of People Tree. Their clothes are smart, stylish and often quirky. I also love Komodo - they were the first ethical brand I ever shopped with over 12 years ago; and Tom's Shoes for the socially conscious business model. And don't forget Lowie - I could spend all the money in the world on their beautiful clothes!

What are your top tips for buying ethical and sustainable products?

The Ethical Consumer website is a good starting point, but my best advice would be to be an active consumer! Don't be afraid to email companies to ask them about their ethics if you are unsure, or if their wording is vague. Email high street retailers too to ask them which of their items are ethical or sustainable to let them know that there is a demand for more ethically sustainably produced clothing.

What are your plans for the future?

Moral Fibres is only eight months old at the moment, so I'd like it to grow over the next year or so, with more and more content. And running around with my toddler daughter, trying to be the best mum I can be to her! And growing more of our own fruit and vegetables. It's an addiction once you start!

What are your 3 top picks of the Fashion Compassion website?

Wendy’s 3 top picks from Fashion ComPassion’s website – Bhalo's Grey Folk Skirt (£65), Bhalo's Cloudgazer Skirt (£80) and Bhalo's Pineapple Dress (£80). Wendy’s 3 top picks from Fashion ComPassion’s website – Bhalo's Grey Folk Skirt (£65), Bhalo's Cloudgazer Skirt (£80) and Bhalo's Pineapple Dress (£80).

What can I say, I love skirts and dresses!

Check out Wendy's Moral Fibres blog here.

Wendy is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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