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Guest Blogger: Greta Eagan of Fashion Me Green

Red Lips HeadShot
My blog is:

Called Fashion Me Green (

Sustainable fashion is important to me because:

Combining sustainability (ethics, the environment and social impact) with fashion made it possible for me to have a career in fashion that appeased both my creativity and my morals.

My personal style is:

sporty chic with minimalist/ menswear inspired touches, and a splash of glamour when appropriate

Some of my favourite sustainable brands are:

SVILU, Daniel Silverstein, Thu Thu, Chinti & Parker, Suzanne Rae, and The Sway

My advice for buying ethical and sustainable products:

Start by supporting one eco initiative (example: organic, local, linked to a cause, etc) instead of trying to satisfy every possible way of going green in one product all at once.
In the future I would like to:

Keep spreading the word and methodology of Wear No Evil (my book) and host a TV show to bring greater awareness to sustainable fashion and how we can seamlessly incorporate it into our stylish lives.

Platforms like Fashion ComPassion are important because:

They provide a resource for consumers to shop and learn about fashion with ethics. They become trusted sources that vet the options out there and curate the best ones into a single online location.

My top 3 Fashion ComPassion picks:

1) KRZE Studio Naomi Black Bucket Bucket
KZ-NBBB01 Hero&Store Image

2) Angela & Roi Caramel Sunday Tote
AR-STC06 Store&Hero Image

3) Kyu Melange Blue Makeda
Blue Makeda Front

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