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Guest Blogger: Christine De Leon of Very Nice Threads

Christine De Leon, founder of Christine De Leon, founder of

My blog is:

I was in need of a creative outlet and Very Nice Threads began in 2008 as a street style blog. If an individual caught my eye by the way they were expressing themselves through dress, I would ask to take their photograph. I'd ask them about the clothes they wore and invariably the most interesting looks came from a combination of vintage, charity shops and high street brands. The blog evolved over time as a place to look for alternatives to high street fashion. I write about independent designers who have sustainable or ethical credentials and I also write about social and environmental issues in the fashion industry as they relate to fair labour practices and carbon footprint.

Sustainable fashion is important to me because:

Clothes use up a lot of valuable resources - many of which aren't renewable. The industry operates in a way that puts pressure on these resources and contributes to their increased scarcity. Fashion is an accessible way to talk about transparency, clean supply chains and creative alternatives to the supply and demand model of doing business. Fashion has the potential to show the other industries how to do business in a way promotes mindful consumerism, that takes less out of the environment and contributes more to the communities they operate in.

My personal style is:

A culmination of all the places I've lived: Toronto, New York, San Francisco and London. I look for natural fabrics, a good fit, a classic line and a quirky, individualistic twist. I've recently decided to stop wearing so much black and to pluck up the courage to wear bold patterns.

Some of my favourite sustainable brands are:

Michelle Lowe-Holder for accessories, TAMMAM for special occasions, THTC and Monkee Genes for street wear and People Tree for the office.

My advice for buying ethical and sustainable products:

Do your research.

In the future I would like to:

Think globally, act locally. I'm running as a Green Party candidate in the upcoming local elections and regardless of the outcome, I want to continue to take what I've learned over the years through the blog to campaign for wider environmental issues and social justice.

Platforms like Fashion ComPassion are important because:

It disrupts the unskilled, cookie-cutter, fast fashion conveyor belt of consumption by promoting the work of skilled artisans and encourages us to buy a special something that we value and will be for keeps, not just a throw-away item.

Christine's top 3 Fashion ComPassion items:

1) Cambodia Srey Tote by Catrinka Project


2) Bhadra Clutch by 1701

Bhadra Clutch (hero)

3) Elliana Clutch by Habi


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