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Be Fashionable, Be Ethical


Today, Fashion ComPassion gives you some fun and easy tips to be an Eco-Friendly Fashionista !! Enjoy !

1 : Buy organic and locally as much as you can (food, make up, clothes...). It’s better for your health and for the planet !


2 : Invest in vintage...

...Give old dresses a new look or swap clothes with friends and family and wear it in a completely new style

3 : Said goodbye to fast fashion ... like you must say goodbye to fast food


4 : And said hello to vegan fashion !

At Fashion ComPassion, our vegan products are made from textiles that are animal friendly and not a by-product of the leather, wool and fur trade. The brands we showcase like Angela & Roi and Krže Studio use alternatives that include waxed cotton, peace silk, bamboo and recycled plastic bottles. And to top it off they are uber stylish!


5 : Like wonderful Stella McCartney said, NO FUR ANYMORE


6: Open your eyes to the true story of Fashion with reading the book of Lucy Siegle, To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?



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