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  • Brand Spotlight: Wool and the Gang

    screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-56-38We all have a favourite woollen sweater or coat that we can rely on to keep us warm during the cold winter months, but how many of us know about wool and the sustainability of its production? According to Campaign for Wool, this natural textile is a protein fibre formed in the skin of sheep and boasts some amazing qualities like acting as a natural insulator, and being incredibly resilient and trans-seasonal.

    This week, Fashion Compassion would like to spotlight a Brand that is pushing forward not just an ethical message, but also a global sense of community and sustainable practise for wool-producers and consumers. Known as Wool and the Gang, the company was founded on the basis of offering fashion lovers with unique woollen pieces, that respect the welfare of animals, while also creating a community of enthusiastic knitters that can participate in the creation of wonderful woollen items. Offering a variety of knitted products, as well as knitting patterns for the more ambitious, the company has been a great success, and has recently partnered up with London Department Store &OtherStories to release a beautiful, pearl studded Winter Collection. As sustainable fashion gains more grounding, we hope to see even more brands like Wool and the Gang, paving the way for positive change in an industry that impacts so many.


  • The Winter Edit

    With the end of Autumn approaching, the weather has become crisp and chilly, and winter seems to have finally arrived. This colder weather is hence a fantastic invitation to invest in some ethical winter accessories. As leaders in the sustainable fashion industry, Fashion Compassion supports brands with the best ethical and environmental credentials, and are constantly scouting for the most fashionable and sustainable brands.

    This week, we will be spotlighting some of our favourites for the winter season, as the days grow colder and we are left to embrace- not battle- natures elements.

    Glow and See is a London based brand that specialises in glowing knitwear. A great option for anyone out on late winter nights!


    Warm Regards is a brand which produce beautiful ethical scarves. Based in India, they are a social enterprise, dedicated to uplifting women and empowering them financially through artisian employment. These are fantastic colours for the festive season!


  • JOIN LIFE: Zara's Stake in the Sustainable Fashion Movement


    An evolution is occurring on the High Street as this season Zara enters the Sustainable Fashion Family by introducing a collection called 'JOIN LIFE'. The endorsement of this collection with its use of organic textiles, is an indication of greater shifts to come within the world of fashion, as brands begin to capitalise on the business opportunities of sustainability, while engaging customers in the some of the most crucial debates of our time. Fashion has never been more important for spreading values and cultural ideas about how we consume, dress and express ourselves, and being a multi million dollar company, Zara has certainly committed itself to a worthy campaign, that will push forward  perceptions of a more progressive fashion industry which accommodate supply chains that respect the environment and its fragility.


    With rich warm tones, the collection features well tailored classic pieces, that are bound to appeal to the fashion conscience, with chic trench coats, frills and pleats and minimalist shirts that capture the current flavour of Autumn. The launch of this collection is proof that sustainable style is slowly but surely becoming a norm within the world of fast fashion, as environmental and social issues are given a platform and projected into design and style collectives. This campaign also marks the beginning of a journey for Zara, as we can expect more exciting innovations from some of our favourite High Street brands.



  • Fashion Undressed: The Journey of the Jumper at The Southbank Centre

    Photo 28-05-2016, 16 39 35


    Last week our Founder Ayesha Mustafa was a part of an insightful panel at the Southbank Centre for the Fashion Undressed series, featuring workshops and talks seeking to celebrate vibrant fashions of the UK.

    The panel saw Sarah Klymkiw – Head of Education at Traid, Safia Minney – Founder of People Tree and The World Fair Trade Day, and our very own Ayesha Mustafa discuss the unseen journey of the clothes we wear, answering key questions on the global journey of clothing and the importance of knowing and understanding this process, and the person who made the clothing.

    Photo 28-05-2016, 16 19 08


    trunkshow 2

    On Monday 23rd May and Wednesday 25th May Fashion ComPassion will be hosting an Exclusive Trunk Show featuring the beautiful Girls Occasion wear brand, Soapbox.

    Soapbox pieces capture the spirit, freedom and innocence of childhood, allowing little girls to ‘dress like a daydream’ with their unwavering attention to detail with hand-made embellishments using textured fabric flowers, encrusted beadwork and delicate layered tulle. Each piece allows their young wearers to live out their fairy-tale, creating pieces that are perfect for various occasions, whether playing dress up or for a flower girl.

    Hand-crafted in South Africa, Soapbox pieces boast exceptional quality and craftsmanship, creating unique garments that are truly handmade with love for girl’s ages 1-8 years at affordable prices £30-£120.

    Don't miss this exclusive event where you will be able to see Soapbox’s luxurious & handcrafted collection of dresses in the UK up close and personal, physically sensing the beauty and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. And importantly don’t miss out on buying a beautiful gift that will allow your daughter to live out her fairy-tale.


    Here are some of the pieces that will be available to purchase:


    Our two events will be on:
    Monday 23rd May
    Maggie and Rose
    58-60 Pembroke Road
    W8 6NX
    10am – 6pm

    Wednesday 25th May
    3 House Club
    Bridgeman Street
    NW8 7AL
    9am - 5pm



    Here are the links to our Facebook invite :

  • FashionComPassion’s FIRST SAMPLE SALE


    1FashionComPassions first sample sale kick starts this month on Tuesday the 15th & 16th. This is a great chance to grab your favorite pieces at a staggering discount of up to 75%. We have limited collection of hand bags, scarves, IPad covers, wallets and card holders created by artisans around the world. Come by our office in Notting Hill and spread the word.

    Here's a sneak peak of the items that would be available for sale.


    Here's a link to our Facebook invite :


  • Talk on Ethics, Morality & Sustainability at London College of Fashion with Ayesha Mustafa and Dilys Williams


    This past week, on Thursday 24th February, Ayesha Mustafa our Founder gave a talk at London College of Fashion on Ethics, Morality & Sustainability. The event was organized by Professor Reina Lewis, at LCF with Ayesha and Dilys Williams, Director of LCF Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

    The LCF auditorium was buzzing with a packed audience.

    Professor Lewis kick-started the event with her views on how fashion impacted the world and the interrelationship between faith and fashion. She then called on both the speakers, who shared their views on the topic.

    Here's what some of the individuals from the audience said:

    “I never knew it was such a huge thing and people were suffering behind those beautifully made fast-fashion clothing. It was definitely eye-opening and now, I will think twice before I buy my clothes.” – 22-year-old student

    “I have always been interested in sustainability and wanted to start something like this when I grew up. This event has motivated me to follow my passion and continue to support the growing sustainable brands. I am only 16, and I believe us “the younger generation”, are the future and so we should all think seriously about the effect of fast-fashion and make a difference”- 16-year old student

    Here are some of the pictures of from the evening.

    Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg CAMERA Jpeg



    1. What is Rags2Riches?

    R2R (Rags2Riches, Inc) is a fashion and design house empowering community artisans in the Philippines.


    2. Why did you decide to launch a socially responsible label?

    R2R was built because of a mission to create a fashion and design house with an inclusive and empowering supply chain and corporate structure. In a world where unfair trade is an open secret, our co-founders and team wanted to put goodness, compassion, and Eco-consciousness, on the spotlight.

    3. What was the inspiration behind the collection?

    Through bringing together the best design minds of the world and artisanal hands from all over the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, R2R creates fashion and home accessories that integrate conscientious design, artisanal skills, and inspiring stories.
    R2R is a life and livelihood partner for these artisans as they strive to weave better futures for their families and communities.
    We believe that each Artisan and Advocate who touches the product from raw materials to finished masterpieces, must be dignified, empowered, and enriched.
    Each piece illustrates the tactile richness of different handmade textures as well as the artful interpretations of the lives and values of the artisans.
    Our products are created for those who seek great design and are equally captivated and inspired by the stories they tell.


    4. Tell us about the positive impact Rags2Riches has had on the people and the environment.

    Our positive impact can be summed up through our 4 core values;

    Collaborative and Conscious Design
    Design is woven into the very fabric of R2R as a company. We integrate collaborative, conscious, human-centered design into every step of our work: from community development to product design. Every R2R team member is a designer in their own right.

    Empowering and Inclusive Progress
    We have designed a unique system to professionalize home-based community artisans, and empower them with our Artisan Academy and Quality of Life Program. We strive for success that does not leave anyone behind. If it's not inclusive, it's not progress.

    Conscientious Commerce
    In a world where fast and cheap labor is sought, R2R places the highest value on every person's humanity and dignity. As a social enterprise, we go beyond charity and beyond aid: we create meaningful, high value, and sustainable trade.

    Pagbabahagi ng Sarili
    This Filipino phrase means to share one’s self. We are in the business of sharing positive influence. In sharing the best of ourselves to our community, our country, and the world, we become part of each other’s stories of progress.

    5. Why is a platform like Fashion ComPassion important for the growth of sustainable fashion businesses?

    Fashion ComPassion does not only promote sustainable fashion businesses, it promotes a sustainable lifestyle. A platform like Fashion ComPassion is like a megaphone of goodness that fashion brands like ours could use to advocate for sustainability and responsibility. We are proud members of the Fashion ComPassion family. From the name itself, one can appreciate that fashion can be used for social good.

     Buy Rags2Riches on Fashion ComPassion 

  • Brand We Love.. Carmina Campus!

    Ilaria Venturini Fendi founded the brand Carmina Campus in 2006 creating beautiful accessories out of reused materials.

    ‘It is a project of sustainable creativity proposing small but effective solutions to cope with the present crises, in the belief that it cannot be successfully dealt with without considering its threefold aspect, economical, social and environmental.’


    ‘Working only with already-existing materials - either living their second life or unused but out of production/consumption cycles - is the core philosophy of Carmina Campus’ –

    Carmina Campus CC2

    Here at Fashion ComPassion we love Ilaria’s passion for sustainability!

    Each bag has an individual and handwritten tag, featuring a detailed list of the sustainable materials used to create it. All the accessories sold are all individual; one of a kind pieces made with premium reused and repurposed materials.


    ‘Not Charity, Just Work’ – The mantra of Carmina Campus

    Carmina Campus is available worldwide and on


    All information and pictures have been sourced from

  • The Cruise Collection Comes To Dubai

    The big day finally arrived, as Chanel finally presented its Cruise 2014-15 Collection in the United Arab Emirates! Hosted on The Island, just on the coast of Dubai. Last year the Cruise Collection was shown in Singapore. There is no surprise why this year, Dubai was the chosen destination this year, being the home of a large amount of Chanel customers, Karl Lagerfeld even took some inspiration from the Middle East for this collection.
    Some Chanel ambassadors attended the show, including the amazing Oscar winner Tilda Swinton and Dakota Fanning. The show even had the wonderful singer, Janelle Monae perform. Here are some of our favourite pictures:


    The wonderful tilda Swinton arrives. (Image source:
    Gorgeous snippet of the collection. (Image source:
    A view of the beautiful venue in Dubai. (Image source:
    We love this collection, the colours in this piece are beautiful. (Image source:
    Karl Lagerfeld with the gorgeous singer Janelle Monae. (Image source




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