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  • London Fashion Week Edit- H&M and the Circular Economy

    20160915_18260720160915_184229London Fashion Week is an annual event which brings with it a plethora of creativity, style and innovation- but perhaps the most exciting aspect of this global gathering has been the inclusion of sustainable and ethical fashion into wider industry dialogue. In particular, global high street brand H&M has become a significant and committed player within the sustainable fashion playing field, as following the creation of its acclaimed Conscious Collection, the company continues to break old paradigms within the global fashion industry, while introducing style conscious consumers to alternative ideas of sustainable style.

    Its latest project has manifested as an ambitious collaboration with the London College of Fashion which brought the production of a capsule collection designed from used textiles- collected as part of H&M’s garment collecting programme. The resulting collection was exhibited at H&M’s flagship store on Oxford Street during London Fashion Week, and became a potent statement for challenging current supply chain systems, through the promotion of greater consumer awareness for the design process. This project also represents a positive stride towards the concept of the Circular Economy- a system that is based on the 'cradle to cradle' philosophy and which prioritises the sustainable use of materials and resources. Initiating projects like these is therefore a welcomed sign not only for designers, but also for governments and commercial stakeholders who can engage and support practices that focus on greener and more ethical consumerism. 

    Desirable propositions must therefore be created in order to engage consumers, which makes fashion such a powerful medium to push initiatives for sustainability forward. Having participated in the scheme myself, it is reassuring and refreshing to see such a proactive stance towards transforming the fashion industry and to know that previously loved pieces can be given a new and chic lease of life, therefore achieving a reincarnation of style.



  • Merge ZA's panel on sustainability

    "Nobody should die or suffer for fashion." - Orsola De Castro

    This, and other inspiring comments, could be heard on Monday 19th when our founder Ayesha Mustafa joined a panel on sustainability and its future in the fashion industry. In total the panel had 6 speakers: Ayesha, Orsola de Castro (Fashion Revolution), Rose Sinclaire (Goldsmith University), Francesco Mazzarella (Loughborough Design School), Jaqueline Shaw (Africa Fashion Guide), Anna Freemantle (Edinburgh International Fashion Festival), and Laura Santamaria (Sublime Magazine).

    The founders of Merge ZA and the panelists after the talk (excluding Anna Freemantle).

    The event took place from 3PM to 5PM at TANK Magazine's gallery space in Soho and was organized by Merge ZA. The panelists discussed the past, present and future of the current fashion industry and answered the key question: "How to make the fashion industry more sustainable?"

    The panelists all agreed that although we have come a long way over the years when it comes to sustainability and green living, we still have a long way to go - the change for better will not happen immediately, but gradually people are seeing the importance of sustainability and it is important to continue spreading the message and educate people on the matter.

    Ayesha Mustafa sharing her thoughts on the panel.

    A slide from Jacqueline Shaw's presentation.

    Brands that were showcased at the event.

    Fashion ComPassion would like to thank the audience, the panelists as well as the organizers for the event!

    All images © Fashion ComPassion.

  • Ayesha Mustafa to talk on Monday

    MERGE ZA is a travelling showroom and will launch at Tank Magazine’s gallery space during London Fashion Week to promote best of South African contemporary fashion designers. Its inaugural showroom will exhibit five of South Africa's leading designers' work: Rich Mnisi, Lukhanyo Mdingi, SELFI, Wanda LePhoto and Young & Lazy. The event will be in partnership with the British Council CONNECT ZA.

    By taking South African fashion talents to global urban hotspots during events such as London Fashion Week, MERGE ZA is creating a platform to develop international audiences, to promote South African design and to act as service provider between local designers and international partners.

    The showroom will be open to buyers, press and the public from 11am-3pm between 16-20 September, with panel discussions on brand stories, media & trends and sustainability. Our founder Ayesha Mustafa will join the panel on sustainability on Monday 19th, starting at 3PM. Alongside her in the panel will be Orsola de Castro (Fashion Revolution), Anna Freemantle (Edinburgh International Fashion Festival), Rose Sinclair (Goldsmith), Francesco Mazzarella (Loughborough Design School) and Jaqueline Shaw (Africa Fashion Guide).

    Tank Magazine Gallery Space | 91-93 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7NX

    Rich Mnisi

    Lukhanyo Mdingi


    Wanda LePhoto

    Young & Lazy

    For further information of the events, please see the Merge ZA website.
    All images © The British Council.

  • Fashion Undressed: The Journey of the Jumper at The Southbank Centre

    Photo 28-05-2016, 16 39 35


    Last week our Founder Ayesha Mustafa was a part of an insightful panel at the Southbank Centre for the Fashion Undressed series, featuring workshops and talks seeking to celebrate vibrant fashions of the UK.

    The panel saw Sarah Klymkiw – Head of Education at Traid, Safia Minney – Founder of People Tree and The World Fair Trade Day, and our very own Ayesha Mustafa discuss the unseen journey of the clothes we wear, answering key questions on the global journey of clothing and the importance of knowing and understanding this process, and the person who made the clothing.

    Photo 28-05-2016, 16 19 08


    trunkshow 2

    On Monday 23rd May and Wednesday 25th May Fashion ComPassion will be hosting an Exclusive Trunk Show featuring the beautiful Girls Occasion wear brand, Soapbox.

    Soapbox pieces capture the spirit, freedom and innocence of childhood, allowing little girls to ‘dress like a daydream’ with their unwavering attention to detail with hand-made embellishments using textured fabric flowers, encrusted beadwork and delicate layered tulle. Each piece allows their young wearers to live out their fairy-tale, creating pieces that are perfect for various occasions, whether playing dress up or for a flower girl.

    Hand-crafted in South Africa, Soapbox pieces boast exceptional quality and craftsmanship, creating unique garments that are truly handmade with love for girl’s ages 1-8 years at affordable prices £30-£120.

    Don't miss this exclusive event where you will be able to see Soapbox’s luxurious & handcrafted collection of dresses in the UK up close and personal, physically sensing the beauty and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. And importantly don’t miss out on buying a beautiful gift that will allow your daughter to live out her fairy-tale.


    Here are some of the pieces that will be available to purchase:


    Our two events will be on:
    Monday 23rd May
    Maggie and Rose
    58-60 Pembroke Road
    W8 6NX
    10am – 6pm

    Wednesday 25th May
    3 House Club
    Bridgeman Street
    NW8 7AL
    9am - 5pm



    Here are the links to our Facebook invite :

  • The World in which WE Live


    We are thrilled to announce that our founder Ayesha Mustafa is one of the speakers taking part in tomorrow’s Women Empowered event; The World in which WE Live.
    Women Empowered is a social initiative which intends to empower women to encourage their skills and talents to achieve their personal goals. The events consist of Guest speakers who ENGAGE and ENCOURAGE, EMPOWERING and ENABLING women to make a change.


    In this event Ayesha will share her experiences as a social entrepreneur and working with brands that employ marginalized communities and skilled artisans from all over the world. Other inspirational individuals taking part are Baroness Warsi, a British Pakistani Lawyer and politician, Sathnam Sangera an award winning journalist, and Yalda Hakim a Presenter for The BBC World News.

    We will also be showcasing the best of our collection of handmade exclusive bags.
    The Event will be held in Bright Courtyard Club, Baker Street.
    Time: 6:30pm

  • Fashion ComPassion at Virgin Unite's Lunch & Learn

    Last week the FC team visited the Virgin Unite group at their office, where our founder Ayesha spoke of Fashion ComPassions story, mission and future plans. We also showcased our beautiful bags, totes, clutches and accessories which the Virgin team fell in love with!

    Left Image: Preparing to showcase the collection
    Right Image: Entering Virgin Unite Offices

    During Ayesha's speech, main points she highlighted were the importance of ethical fashion from sustainable sourcing to fair labor work in third world countries and the empowerment of women through fashion. She mentioned how each FC bag has a story from the materials used to the process and the amazing artisans that have hand crafted them.  The team was completely amazed by our story and we were happy to share it!


    Left Image: Ayesha with Caroline part of the Virgin Unite team
    Right Image: Ayesha during her speech

    We were lucky enough to meet the wonderful Holly Branson during our time with the Virgin group who loved the collection and was very interested in our story.

    ay3Left Image: Photograph showing our collection to Holly Branson
    Right Image: Ayesha and Holly photographed with an FC bag

    We had a wonderful experience meeting people from the Virgin group and we also made numerous sales showing the interest people had in our brand!

  • Victoria Beckham and the for Mothers2Mothers

    Fashion designer and style icon Victoria Beckham have selected more than 600 pieces from her personal wardrobe to sell exclusively at the The money generated from this sale will go directly to the charity Mothers 2 Mothers.

    The sale will take place from the 20th to 25th of August, that is of course if the pieces will last that long. I addition there will also be 10 dresses that is especially selected and have been worn by Victoria on special occasions. The most noteworthy is maybe the white, crystal-studded Dolce & Gabbana dress that she wore to the MTV Awards in 2003. The prestigious auction house Christie's have taken part in valuing the dresses that will go on the auction.



    This is not the first time the designer has donated her wardrobe to charity, in November 2013 the Beckham’s donated a portion of designer goods to the Red Cross Charity Shop in West London to help raise money for the victims of typhoon Haiyan.

    Victoria’s initiative is also a contributing to raise peoples awareness for second hand fashion, which is a important part of making the fashion industry more sustainable. We approve!



    Victoria first learned about the charity when she travelled to South Africa to work on a project with Anna Wintour, when she was there she met Dr. Mitch Besser, the founder of Mother 2 Mothers, Victoria got so inspired by him that she decided she would help raising money to the charity. She says that "As a woman, we have a responsibilty to help and support other women, to do what we can do to help"


    Mothers 2 Mothers trains, employs and empowers Mentor Mothers - who are mothers living with HIV - in order to educate them on how to prevent the transmission of HIV from mothers to babies and improve the health of women and their families.

    The funds that are raised will help m2m's Mentor Mothers reach even more HIV-positive mothers with critical health education and support, to stay healthy and protect their babies from HIV infection.

  • WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES? Celebrating Fashion Revolution Day Around The World

    We wrote about Fashion Revolution Day day events in London here in our weekly feature, but since the day was celebrated by the other participants around the world we wanted to share how this with our readers! Here in London, our team attended the Designer Jumble at Westfield Stratford. It was a great opportunity to view many rare vintage designer clothes, watch Susie Bubble design the display, watch knitters create one of a kind pieces and mingle with many like minded people. Here are some pictures from the Designer Jumble event in London.

    photo 1 Photos of inside Design Jumble.
    photo 2 The cool shoe display and graffiti works by the live artists in the shop.

    We also got in touch other countries like Dubai, Spain and Australia to find out what went on in their part of the world to celebrate Fashion Revolution Day. Here’s a round up.


    Fotor0505144949 The designers holding up Fashion Revolution banners and highlights of the runway.

    Spain contacted Carry Somers the founder of Fashion Revolution Day and took their own initiative to organise a sustainable fashion parade. The parade highlighted the issues in the fashion industry and what we can do to become more conscious consumers. The Parade was held in the beautiful Palau Robert, Gardens Palace. The event was free, and flyers were given out to encourage people to watch the parade. Take a look at this cool video giving us insight into what the day is about here.

    fashrev australia Highlights of the Sydney event.


    Australia held three Fashion Revolution day events in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The Sydney event was a sold out night of talks including The GM of Patagonia Australia who spoke of supply chain transparency in their sourcing, an Australian social enterprise which employs refugees at their fashion store, spoke of fashion as a vehicle for social justice, Australian sleepwear label ALAS highlighted producing with fair trade partners in India and finally an ex fast fashion designer introduced her new upcycled clothing label Fairtale. There was a pledge area, prizes were given out for the best pledges and tweets of the night. Short Films were screened, including, 'Handprint' commissioned by Livia Firth, the trailer for The True Cost Documentary and A local design student presented her short film of a response to Rana Plaza, check it out in the video below.


    In Melbourne two singers inspired by Fashion Revolution Day wrote a song, "Shopping Bags" by Sarah and Kate known as 'Worthy Skimishes' honoring the garment workers of Rana Plaza. They teamed up textile artist Susie Vickery based in Mumbai, India, she designed and animated the intricate film strip. Check out the track here

    In Perth, a collective of fair trade groups in Fremantle, Western Australia, launched 'Fairly Fashionable' a Design Challenge. On Fashion Revolution Day, over 50 designers selected a piece of fair trade material donated from fair trade producers around Australia. They have 14 days to incorporate these pieces into a new garment or fashion accessory. On the eve of World Fair Trade Day on 9th May, the challenge will culminate in a fashion show and final party where the winner will be chosen. Check out the website here

    Fotor0505170726 The designers at the Dubai event, and highlights of the day.


    Future Fashion in Dubai hosted a successful event at The Change Initiative. It started with reMADE DBX who conducted a sewing workshop, local fashion business' My Ex Wardrobe and Shift Fashion talked about how their companies are helping people find a home for their old clothes in exchange for cash or new ones. Guests met Raya Ani, the winner of ZOOZOOM's Fashion Wars Live, she shared her thoughts and ideas on sustainable fashion. And finally the day ended with Project Runway Season 10 Contestant and celebrity stylist, Buffi Jashanmal who talked about how the Rana Plaza tragedy brought a shift in her thinking about how fashion was made and the people who created these pieces. Guests won free fashion consultation vouchers from Style Codes and Buffi’s book along with a goodie bag which was sponsored by: Future Fashion, My Exwardrobe, Shift Fashion, Style Codes, Mom Souq and The Change Initiative.

    With people becoming more aware of how fashion is made and the need for transparency and fairness in the Fashion industry, do you think retailers and bigger brands will embrace ethical practices in their business. What are your views, we would love to hear them!

  • Fashion ComPassion at LABELS BagFest 2013!

    After last year's successful launch of the Palestyle collection in Pakistan last year, Fashion Compassion is back to bring you a brand new limited edition collection for Eid.

    Join LABELS, Pakistan’s premier retail store, and Fashion ComPassion for an exclusive trunkshow:  BagFest 2013! Join LABELS, Pakistan’s premier retail store, and Fashion ComPassion for an exclusive trunkshow: BagFest 2013!

    Each Palestyle product is handcrafted with the highest quality leather, gold plated accessories and embellishments. These limited edition collection boasts structured shapes, beautiful colours and contrasts, and a variety of sizes. What really sets these bags apart is the incorporation of calligraphy with personal messages, ranging from the simple “Welcome” to the elegant “Charming as the moon”. Each bag is unique and designed with the intention of making its owner feel special.

    Colour & Contrast!



    Besides these limited edition bags, the classic Palestyle clutches and wallets will also be available for sale at this year's BagFest. For Eid, we are giving an exclusive 25% discount on original prices of the bags (price range from Rs 15,000 to Rs 80,000)!

    Fashion ComPassion supports brands that have a social mission. Palestyle bags are made in a small workshop that employs Palestinian refugees and a percentage of the profits go toward supporting projects and social initiatives in the refugee camps. The current initiative is the “Water Tank Exchange Program” in Al Baqaa Refugee Camp, Amman, that has provided clean water to over 4000 people.

    Fashion ComPassion have also partnered with the UN World Food Programme (WFP) this year. For the whole of 2013, we will be donating a percentage from our profits to WFP every time one of our products is sold. These donations will help fund a new WFP project which aims to enhance employment prospects for poor women and adolescent girls in the FATA region of northwestern Pakistan.

    Support socially responsible fashion and join us for this exclusive trunkshow on 9th October.

    For the latest updates, check out the LABELS BagFest Facebook Event!

    Follow #LabelsFCBagfest on Twitter and Instagram for event photos!

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