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Businesses We Love: BuyMyWardrobe

In our brand new monthly feature, we will be looking at some of our favourite sustainable and socially responsible fashion businesses and find out more about them and their ethos. To start us off, we spoke to Kal di Paola from BuyMyWardrobe  - an online market place for pre-loved designer clothing.

Kal di Paola from BuyMyWardrobe Kal di Paola from BuyMyWardrobe

1. What is BuyMyWardrobe?

BuyMyWardrobe is the trusted fashion re-sale site with real people behind real profiles. At BuyMyWardrobe you not only sell your own designer clothes and accessories, you can sneak a peak into the wardrobes of the most uber-stylish women. From ex Gucci girls, to fashion stylists and PR’s, to designer’s muses and fashion editors, some of the country’s most stylish women merge to pass on amazing items to like-minded shoppers. Best of all, you can buy labels such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Isabel Marant at up to 75% off the retail price.

2. When did you set up your business and what inspired you to do so?

It actually originated as a events business - It was 2008, I had been running my own fashion label for the past 11 years, the country was in recession, the over consumption of the past decade was being highlighted in the media and a new wave of eco-awareness was taking hold. Faced with a wardrobe that would barely close, I decided I needed to change my shopping habits and the first step was to clear my wardrobe of years of hoarding. My options to do that were limited. Ebay wasn't the right place for niche labels and dress agencies were too picky- I wanted somewhere I could set up shop for the day and nobody provided that- so I decided to host my own very own designer fashion recycling event and BuyMyWardrobe was born. It was after 10 sold out events that I made the leap to launch the online marketplace which launched in August 2012.

3. Selling Pre-loved fashion is also another aspect of sustainability in fashion. Do you think sustainability is playing a big part in fashion, is it important?

I think it’s hugely important.There is a shift on the expectations of a company and the audience are in control now more than ever. Sustainability is more than just an environmental concern- it’s about our workers, our communities and our future and businesses who want to be high growth have a responsibility to change the way business is done in the future. Failure to embrace "good business" models will leave fashion businesses at a disadvantage. The argument about sustainability is over. IT IS THE KEY to creating value for shareholders and all other stakeholders - by being sustainable we will attract and keep better and more committed employees and have more loyal customers in the long term.

4. What is the most fun part of your job?

I love to new challenges and coming up with creative solutions. I also love the fact that our business allows us to interact with closely with our audience and that through social media we can really get to know our end user.

5. What is next for BuyMyWardrobe?

We’re focused on growth and have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline. On our first birthday we’ll be relaunching our blog. will be BuyMyWardrobe’s standalone blog aimed at modern, stylish women of all ages.

Coming soon! BuyMyWardrobe’s standalone blog,,  will be aimed at modern, stylish women of all ages. Coming soon! BuyMyWardrobe’s standalone blog,, will be aimed at modern, stylish women of all ages.

Acting as an extension to the BuyMyWardrobe marketplace it will provide users with valuable, visual and inspirational content that focuses on sustainable style and spotlighting the eclecticism and diversity of ordinary women as well as high profile and celebrated women.

6. What is currently your favourite item on BuyMyWardrobe?

This yellow Celine Box Bag!

Kal's favourite item on Buy My Wardrobe - Yellow Celine Box Bag. Kal's favourite item on Buy My Wardrobe -
Yellow Celine Box Bag.

Check out BuyMyWardrobe website here!

BuyMyWardrobe is also on Facebook and Twitter!

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